Thursday, February 20, 2014

Divorce greed

Some women have to learn the hard way that marriage isn't a lottery. But from the male perspective, it's nice to know that some ugly stories have happy endings:
It is a decision she surely regrets For Mel Gibxon's ex Oksana Grigorieva has filed for bankruptcy less than four years after knocking back a $15m child custody settlement offer from the Braveheart star.

Her biggest problem is her legal bills, for she owes five lawyers a mammoth $250,000. During her bitter custody battle with the Mad Max actor she sacked more than 40 lawyers. At the end of it all the Oscar-winning star was ordered to pay just $750,000 to Grigorieva, which he is stumping up in installments.

The 2011 decision came a year after she turned down a rumoured $15m offer of settlement.
Regardless of whether one is talking about divorce or a business matter, a reasonable settlement is almost always wiser than going to court. Of course, convincing a greedy gold-digger that she'll do better to accept the settlement may be impossible; some people are always going to shoot for the Moon no matter how low the odds are.


Trust said...

Of course, divorce lottery is just one more hyoergamous play on open marriages. Women want one type of man to make the money and raise the kids, and want the complete opposite type man to pound her hard.

Amy Alkon blogged about open marriages today. One guy whose good for the kids, another guy for romance.

I'm sure these same women who want to separate husbands from boyfriends would jump at the chance to fulfill all the wifely duties for a man who takes a college age hottie on romantic weekends while she is a maid.

John Rampton said...

I'm sure that the divorce lawyers who told her exactly what she wanted to hear were wise enough to play upon her greed. I'm surprised that there were 40 sacked lawyers who weren't. But still, if she was so greedy that she allowed herself disregard for so many, she deserves every bit of misfortune she gets.

Marissa said...

His first wife got $400m, I can see why he fought this one hard.

Trust said...

When my wife divorced her first husband, her lawyer pushed her repeatedly to get more.

She didn't want more. No children. She didn't sacrifice career. She just wanted rid of him.

Relevant point being divorce lawyers have an agenda. Fair doesn't pay as well.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Nice. Brings a smile to my face.

No doubt I'll encounter her at one of the gold-digger watering holes in Newport Beach soon.

There are a bunch of rich old geezers here who'd love to have a go at her.

brian said...

"There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please."

Iowahine said...

Given that most women can't be trusted, what is best advice to give men regarding pregnancy prevention?

otiswild said...

"Given that most women can't be trusted, what is best advice to give men regarding pregnancy prevention?"

Women can be trusted to be women.

Pregnancy prevention? Abstinence or vasectomy are the only guaranteed solutions. Otherwise you need to maintain strict control of all condoms you use, from application to disposal, watching it go down the toilet. It's probably prudent to hold it over the toilet, turn it inside out, THEN flush it, just to be sure.

dalrock said...

The big lie by those selling divorce is the destruction is so great that it is nearly impossible the woman detonating her family won't also be harmed by the explosion. Yes the law does everything it can to redirect the destruction to her children and her husband, but the fact that she can devastate her kids and her husband doesn't mean she will ultimately experience a good result. How could it?

This is why the "true life" fantasy stories of divorce empowerment don't stand up to the most casual scrutiny. In reality, "Stella" from How Stella Got her Grove Back married a visibly gay man who (according to her) married her for her money and to get a visa to the US. He has since divorced her for an undisclosed sum, after "discovering" that he was gay. But if you look at the picture of them from before their wedding his being gay must have only been a mystery to the desperate woman who married him:

The same is true for Eat Pray Love. In real life, "Filipe" is a short bald man 17 years older than Elizabeth who (wait for it...) married her for a visa.

ajw308 said...

It's just an effective sales technique. It works as well whether you're selling divorce to a woman or a culture.

Joschua Boehm said...

the way to deal with criminal women in divorce is like I did with my expose her all over the web for the adulteress, prostitute, criminal child abuser she is.

Joschua Boehm said...

""It was devastating to discover that a relationship I had publicized to the world as life-affirming and built on mutual love was actually based on deceit," she wrote in her declaration. "I was humiliated.""

That is so no woman ever lied to a man to get married! LOL!!

b1bae96e-6447-11e3-b6bb-000f20980440 said...

His first wife got $400m, I can see why he fought this one hard.

He didn't marry this one, she just pregnancy baited him. That is why she was fighting over only child support. I am still miffed she only got $750k though. Particularly since the Jews that run Hollywood don't like him. Perhaps he still resonates with ordinary Californians or they are souring on gold digging whores.

Eric said...

When my wife divorced her first husband, her lawyer pushed her repeatedly to get more.

I don't blame the lawyers for this. If my lawyer honestly thinks I can get more (whatever the action is) I want him to tell me so - among other things I'm paying for his advice. I can make the decision on whether or not to continue. The real problem here is family law is structured in such a way that it makes sense for the wife (or baby momma, in this case) to hold out for a big percentage of my income/assets. That's what needs to change. The fact that women are suing for what they think they can get, well, that's just human nature.

2870b918-77c0-11e3-b9bd-000bcdcb8a73 said...

When my wife divorced her first husband, her lawyer pushed her repeatedly to get more.

My wife had a similar story. When she divorced her first husband, she didn't want to take any money at all from him, and she had a hard time finding a lawyer to take her case on that basis. (She could easily have gotten a support agreement worth six figures in pre-1980 dollars.)

Brenda said...

My first husband left me for a girl he met in Chiropractic College while I worked to put him through school. We were married 17 years. Our oldest, who was 15 at the time, wanted to live with him. He said no. I was devastated but helped him pack, took him off one charge card, took my name off the other charge card then split up the savings and checking - three fourths for me and our two girls and one fourth for him. He got the new SAAB and I got the old Toyota van. He filed for divorce in Texas and only had to pay child support. No alimony for me. He married his new honey (10 years younger than me). I moved back to California where we were both from, put myself though dental hygiene school. I married a wonderful Christian man and we have been married 15 years. First husband rarely sees or contacts his girls. So very sad. He is still married to the home wrecker he met in school.

tz said...

Again, pulling Barbie's string causes her to declare: "Math class is hard".

"Hard science" is an ironic category.

Matamoros said...

Iowahine said... : Given that most women can't be trusted, what is best advice to give men regarding pregnancy prevention?

Actually one of the easiest and most effective is taking a hot bath for 15-20 minutes once or twice a week.

More info:

Remo said...

It is sad but unless there are real incentives for women *not* to divorce and for men to get married in the first place it seems we can pretty much kiss marriage goodbye. Right now we have it bass ackwards. We pay women to divorce and greatly disincentivise men to get married. Result? Single mother and broken family utopia.

Feather Blade said...

Given that most women can't be trusted, what is best advice to give men regarding pregnancy prevention?

Don't have sex.

Of any sort.


Some dude said...

She's also lost years of her life. And years to a woman means she loses her most precious and irreplaceable asset which can attract a new man. Even worse, she has lost her reputation. No man in his right mind will have anything more to do with her. And because she lost, her power is gone and no woman can make use of her.

Had she accepted the settlement, all the above would be different, but I want to point out something else. Had she said at settlement time, "you know Mel, this settlement is too high. I'm sorry for what I put you through, lets cut the thing down to 10 million". Then she would have also had a powerful friend for life, built her reputation to the sky, and earned the trust of men everywhere.

But no, she had to fight for her "rights".

SarahsDaughter said...

Regarding Brenda's story above:
Women seem to tell too much when attempting to do whatever it is they're attempting to do, not knowing what they've done is left a terrible account of themselves for thousands to read.

So a man who marries a woman who has been previously married can expect his wife, even after 15 years, to recount the details of her previous marriage/divorce, and still call the other woman a home wrecker. This is why men are advised only to marry single women and perhaps widows. Not divorcee's. The alpha widow in her can't help herself. (If I were a man married for 15 years - and all that entails, I'm not sure I'd be very excited about knowing my wife still considers her home "wrecked")

Perhaps this is also why her remarriage is not permitted in the Bible until her first husband is dead.

Brad Andrews said...

I don't know SD. The one who did the deed is the one who did the deed, no matter how much time has passed.

Your story doesn't account for the fact that many of these women destroyed their marriages themselves and then are trying to blame it on someone else. But Proverbs does warn against the kind of woman who will destroy a man's commitment by enticing him, so that still has some merit to consider even though it seems like that is less of the core problem today with the tendency of many women to nuke their own marriages.

SarahsDaughter said...

You may have missed my point. No matter the circumstances that led to the destruction of her first marriage, my take away from her recounting her story here is that some poor schmuck has been married to this woman for 15 years and has not been able to bond with her significantly enough for her to be indifferent toward her first husband and his wife. What a terrible position to be in for a man. The warning is for men to not marry divorced women until the first husband is dead.

mmaier2112 said...

Sadly, I must concur with SarahsDaughter to a good extent. Except that also applies to "alpha widow" even if there wasn't a marriage involved.

Akulkis said...

In other words, what SD is saying is -- women not only collect baggage, they REFUSE to discard any of it, even after almost 2 decades.

Brenda said...

I haven't been a follower for very long. Have you all addressed arranged marriages? They seem to have a better success rate. At the very least, ALL dates should be chaperoned! Our society is a mess. Men aren't men and women aren't women and morals are out the window.

Tarrou said...

Y'all missed the update. Apparently the lady went on Howard Stern and violated the terms of her court decision. Now she won't get paid the second installment. I haven't seen a woman so dedicated to publicly self-immolating since Crystal Mangum.

Anton Chigurh said...

"Regardless of whether one is talking about divorce or a business matter," -from the article
Let me fix that for you:
"When talking of business matters such as divorce,"
You're welcome

Anton Chigurh said...

"Given that most women can't be trusted, what is best advice to give men regarding pregnancy prevention?"

Feather Blade says: Don't have sex. Of any sort. Ever.

hahahahahaha faggot. So utterly defeated. So utterly spine-destroyed and butt-blasted.

Just be sure you use condoms properly. Use 2, why not.
Also sperm die at room temperature so stop freaking the fuck out (some dumbass said to flush the condom or pour the sperm out of the condom before flushing--who are these morons?!)

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