Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The conquest of a male space

Women have taken over the world of distance running:
Women and girls, not long ago an afterthought in distance running, now own it.

They made up 57% of the 17 million U.S. race finishers in 2015, according to industry-backed tracker Running USA. That includes everything from 3.1-mile trots before Thanksgiving dinner to 26.2-mile marathons.

Mary Wittenberg, former director of the New York City Marathon, says races for women have become less common as they have become 57% of all U.S. race finishers. ENLARGE

Many women run to win prize money or medals. Millions more have taken to treadmills, sidewalks and running trails to achieve personal bests, socialize and improve overall health.

Mary Wittenberg, CEO of Virgin Sport, is a longtime runner and the former CEO of New York Road Runners, which operates the New York City Marathon. She notes that there are fewer women-only events than there used to be because at most races, women are the majority....

Women’s groups like Ms. Carey’s are helping further diversify running, Ms. Wittenberg says. Participation of racial minorities has climbed in recent years, according to Running USA.

“It would just be great to see the men’s side see growth, too,” she says.

Instead of running, some younger men especially have joined the trend toward weightlifting and high-intensity interval training. Overall participation in road races has dropped in the past two years as millennials have shown less interest in running than older adults. Average finishing times for men and women also have slowed down as race fields have gotten older and grown to include more recreational runners.

For many women, running is less a competition than a social experience.
What I find interesting is the chart below. Its exactly what you'd expect. Male participation begins to decline once women take over, because women like to participate in male activities, but men do not like to participate in female activities. One of the reason soccer remains so popular across Europe is that women do not play it, nor are they usually included in the post-game dinners.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Feminist Revolution devours its own

It doesn't matter how gender-correct a man is, it doesn't matter how loudly he proclaims himself a feminist, because sooner or later he will be deemed an Enemy of the Revolution and metaphorically beheaded:
Springfield College recently cancelled a “Men in Literature” course on the grounds that its inordinate emphasis on one gender creates a “hostile environment” for women.

Professor Dennis Gouws began teaching the course back in 2005, and has offered it several times since then upon the encouragement of his department chair. The course was intended to survey contemporary culture’s preoccupation with gender by specifically focusing on the male role in culture.

“You do not afford students the opportunity to choose a gender to write about nor do you require all students to write about the opposite gender. Such is certainly a concern from an academic and even legal perspective."

“He never set out to be a gadfly against progressive dogma or a stalwart opponent of the ideological regime. He was, to the contrary, picked for the part by the regime itself,” Peter Wood, president of National Association of Scholars, explains in a detailed account of Gouws’ case.

Now, though, Springfield has determined that Gouws’ course is unfit to teach after the chair and dean of his department questioned the content of his syllabus, claiming that Gouws focused too much on the male’s societal function rather than his portrayal in literature.
Feminism is cancer, and like cancer, it will kill its host.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Don't be that guy

Not even in jest. As Delta Man has explained, Gammas always attempt to hide the truth behind their "joking". In the Gamma mind, by "pretending" to be submissive by acting submissive, this "really proves" that they're not submissive, but are in fact dominant.

In fact, any time you hear the phrase "that just proves" or "that only proves" from a man, you can be relatively sure you are dealing with a Gamma.

Women test men by challenging their overtures and provocations, whether they are genuinely offended or not. The Delta response is a sincere apology. The Gamma response is a "please don't hurt me" pantomime.

The Alpha response is a sardonic "What?"

Friday, May 27, 2016

The reality of interracial divorce

Just in case the domestic violence, the near-total lack of financial support, and the low-IQ children weren't sufficient disincentive.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Game is the entry point to the #AltRight

A commenter at Rod Dreher's site observes the process of intellectual development:
The connection between the Alt-Right and the various masculinity movements deserves some elaboration. As many have mentioned, the demographics of the Alt-Right are young and male, and the role of young male frustration (sexual or otherwise) cannot be overstated.

As Dreher adequately documents, the hegemonic narrative regarding gender is clearly insane. And while the level of insanity has climbed exponentially in the past decade, virtually everyone under-30 (my generation) has been marinated in relentless gender-equivalence propaganda since kindergarden. But, as the male cohort grows older, the distance between the experienced reality of of the dating market and the official dogma becomes unsustainable. The cognitive dissonance is simply too great, and boys are driven to seek answers elsewhere. And those answers come, with varying degrees of accuracy and crudity, from the PUA/Game/MRA/RedPill blogs.

Whatever their faults, they all have one redeeming quality – they are manifestly not insane. This comes as a great shock and relief to boys. A shock because they realize the magnitude of the deception they have experienced, and a relief because they realize they are not the crazy ones.
Hence the tagline to this blog: saving Western civilization. Game is only the starting point.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Defeating the Female Imperative

More and more of the Game theorists are moving on from individual Game to its societal implications. Rollo has some suggestions for how men can break the chains that the Sisterhood attempts to impose upon men's groups in defense of the Female Imperative:
What then is to be done about this conditioning? For all the efforts to destroy or regulate male tribalism, the Feminine Imperative still runs up against men’s evolved predispositions to interact with the outside world instead of fixating on the inside world of women. Below I’ve pieced together some actionable ideas that might help men come to a better, unitary way of fostering the male tribalism the Feminine Imperative would see destroyed or used as a tool of soci0-sexual control:
  • While it is vitally important to maintain a male-specific mental point of origin, together men need a center point of action. Women talk, men do. Men need a common purpose in which the tribe can focus its efforts on. Men need to build, coordinate, win, compete and problem solve amongst themselves. The ‘purpose’ of a tribe can’t simply be one of getting together as like-minded men; in fact, groups with such a declared purpose are often designed to be the most conciliatory and accommodating of the Feminine Imperative. Men require a common, passionate purpose to unite for.
  • Understand and accept that men will naturally form male hierarchies in virtually every context if that tribe is truly male-exclusive. There will be a reflexive resistance to this, but understand that the discomfort in acknowledging male hierarchies stems from the Feminine Imperative’s want to make any male authority a toxic form of masculinity. Contrary to feminine conditioning male hierarchies are not necessarily based on Dark Triad manipulations. That is the ‘fem-think’ – any male created hierarchy of authority is by definition evil Patriarchy.
  • Recognize existing male sub-tribes for what they are, but do so without labeling them as such. Don’t talk about Fight Club, do Fight Club. As with most other aspects of Red Pill aware Game, it is always better to demonstrate rather than explicate. There will always be an observer effect in place when you call a male group a “male group”. That tribe must exist for a passionate reason other than the express idea that it exists to be about men meeting up. Every sub-tribe I belong to, every collective interest I share with other men, even the instantly forming ones that arise from an immediate common need or function, all exist apart from “being” about men coming together.Worldwide “tribe” day failed much for the same reasons an organization like the Good Men Project fails – they are publicized as a gathering of men just “being” men.
  • Push back on the invasion of male space by being uncompromising in what you do and organize with passion. Make no concessions for women in any all-male space you create or join. There will always be a want to accommodate women and/or the fears of not being accommodating of feminine-primary mindsets within that all-male purview. Often this will come in subtle forms of anonymous White Knighting or reservations about a particular passion due to other men’s Blue Pill conditioning to always consider the feminine before considerations of themselves or the tribe. It is vitally important to the tribe to quash those sympathies and compromising attitudes as these are exactly the designs of the Feminine Imperative to destroy a tribe from within.Make no concessions for competency of women within the tribe if you find yourself in a unisex tribal situation. Even the U.S. military is guilty of reducing combat service requirements for women as recently as this month. If you are a father or you find yourself in a role of mentoring boys or young men it is imperative that you instill this no-compromise attitude in them and the organizations that they create themselves.
I'll add one more suggestion. Expel from the group any man who attempts to argue for including women in it. This is usually a Gamma or low Delta who is only hoping to improve his chance to meet women, or worse, is submissively doing the bidding of a woman seeking entry into the group. In doing so, he reveals that his priority is his own thirst, not the well-being of the group, and thereby demonstrates his unworthiness to be a part of it.

There is nothing wrong with groups that include women; I don't limit female participation in Brainstorm or in DevGame in any way. But those groups exist for specific purposes and there is no way for sexual politics to interfere with their activities.

Monday, May 23, 2016

If you meet a girl like this

Marry her.
BrowningMachine @BrowningMachine
Has an all-women remake of "Top Gun" been announced yet? #TheEndOfSJW #EjectionSeatsMussYourHair

Space Bunnyopoulos ‏@Spacebunnyday
Yes, it is subtitled the "Hultgreen-Curie Effect"
Don't take the words of the angry, the embittered, and the wounded too much to heart. All women have the POTENTIAL to be like that, but not all women are.

For the record:

Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome: The lethal disease that strikes female pioneers. Named after Kara Hultgreen and Madame Curie, the syndrome has struck down numerous brave women on the frontiers of female innovation, including the first woman to use a washing machine, who tragically drowned in it, and the first Roman woman to eat reclining on a couch, who choked to death on a grape.